Declaration of the Peoples’ Movement for the European Federal Union

Fellow peoples of Europe,

The European Union was founded as the European Economic Community in 1957 and it evolved during the decades following the catastrophe of World War II. Its principal goal from the outset was to heal the wounds left by this exceptional disaster. Yet, over time, it led to an ever-closer union of member nations, producing millions of young people now called the “Erasmus Generation,” who consider Europe to be their home.

The necessity of the Union had never been questioned, nor had its orientation been called into doubt, as long as there were Europeans living with memories of the Second World War. The monetary union seemed to be the first major milestone towards the EU’s eventual goal of becoming a federal union.

Unfortunately, as years go by, the individuals who kept these living memories of the battle are now passing away. At the same time, the rapidly transforming international economic and diplomatic scene necessitates a stronger European voice.

Developments, however, that were thought to be unthinkable until recently, have become reality. There are quite a few voices in Europe that bluntly question the necessity of European integration. The blatant incapacity of national political elites to adhere to proper governance norms in terms of strategic direction essentially amplifies these voices, primarily populist and nationalist. Most of the time, governments in Europe unfairly attribute any and all adverse developments to the EU, to cover up their own incompetence.

It seems that we, the peoples of Europe, have unwarranted expectations that national governments will strive for true European integration, given that such integration is viewed as harmful for these governments. It is now up to all of us to answer history’s call and continue the journey undertaken by our parents and grandparents. The moment has come for Europe to be truly united, for the EU to mature into the European Federal Union.

This is not a mere rhetorical statement urging national governments to act; rather, it is a demand from the very constituents who grant legitimacy to these governments. The call is for the creation of a federal state with clearly defined competences, that we believe to be in the best interest of the people.

The Rome Manifesto, drafted by a broad group of progressive young Europeans in 2017, provides an outstanding foundation for the establishment of a pan-European political movement for the European Federal Union. Our priorities are straightforward:

  1. The establishment of a democratically elected executive governing branch for the European Federal Union, complemented by a federal judiciary and of course a federal parliament.
  2. The unification of military and diplomatic resources under the command of the federal European government.
  3. The enhancement of the European monetary union with federal budget management, taxation, and of course borrowing.
  4. The repatriation, at the same time, of a variety of competences to the national level, enabling the highest levels of transparency and accountability between federal and state-level competences.

The EU’s founding fathers envisioned a family that could safeguard all of its members throughout their lives. Our concept of protection encompasses liberty, equality, justice, human rights, economic independence, as well as welfare and healthcare for all European citizens. The coronavirus epidemic, combined with the EU member states’ initial tragically botched reaction, highlighted the importance of European integration like never before.

The coronavirus epidemic exposed multiple uncomfortable truths. For decades, the peoples of Europe have paid vast sums of money to establish and support Europe’s pride: the social state. Yet when the social state was called on to defend the peoples of Europe, the moment this massive investment was expected to pay off, it spectacularly failed to do so. Why did that happen? Clearly due to unwarranted fragmentation and inability to pursue economies of scale. The nation-state illusion is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Europeans during this pandemic, in truly terrible circumstances. The news that Italy would receive assistance from China, Russia, and Cuba rather than from other EU member states struck a profound blow to the feelings and pride of every European. The story of this unfathomable lack of solidarity, made hundreds of millions of Europeans realise that if an existential threat arises, European solidarity under the current EU status is far from certain. This was the final straw. Now is the time for real change. The European Federal Union needs to be established immediately.

The peoples of Europe can now understand that our parents’ and grandparents’ vision of a truly united Europe is the best way forward. In order to turn this vision to reality, we must continue to keep moving in the same direction and accelerate at the appropriate pace. It is up to us, the peoples of Europe, to demand and achieve the establishment of the European Federal Union, which is the fundamental objective of our pan-European political movement.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, our aim is to enlighten and mobilize as many of Europe’s 500 million people as possible. We are certain that the fundamental law of democracy, which is nothing other than respecting the will of the majority, will triumph. For the majority of EU member states, joining the European Federal Union will be their first experience with true independence and freedom. This fundamental liberty is a right of every European, and our movement seeks to strengthen it.

The European Federal Union will have the ability to stimulate the European economy and ensure research, as well as scientific, technological, academic, and digital sovereignty. Federal Europe will return individuals and businesses on the path of growth and prosperity by utilising its vast resources in the most effective manner possible.

We will face the coronavirus pandemic together. We must work together to address the looming economic disaster. We stand together in our determination to create a superpower of freedom, justice, equality, and growth for all 500 million people, as well as to positively influence the entire globe. We stand united in our commitment to make the European Federal Union our exciting new reality.

Europe, April 2020.

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    2 thoughts on “Declaration of the Peoples’ Movement for the European Federal Union

      1. Let’s first clarify that we are talking about the envisioned European Federal Union, not for the actual European Union that exists today. In order for a new member to join the European Federal Union, a unanimous approval vote is required by All existing members. In that case, yes, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus theoretically could join the European Federal Union if all other members approved their candidacy. And that would be really amazing news, as it would mean that these countries would have left autocracy behind and they would have turned to modern democratic States.

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