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After an extended hiatus, we are relaunching and reactivating Movimiento Insieme, now renamed “Together for Europe”, just in time for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. 

We do this at a time of great upheaval, geopolitical, political, economic and environmental, in an era now increasingly referred to as “the Polycrisis”. 

We are relaunching our site and our social media accounts, and we are engaging in media production for a new campaign, hoping to spark a new pan-european movement.

We started this project in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, a traumatic occurrence for the entire world at a time when the concept of European solidarity was in disarray, particularly in the early phases of the disease. 

Subsequent EU measures and initiatives were in a positive direction, but it remains to be seen whether they will measure up to the accumulating challenges. 

After the pandemic, war came to our continent, economic malady ensued, as did ever accelerating climatic disruption and the increasing marginalization of the EU on the World Stage. The Union is in bad shape.

The circumstances we find ourselves in now are thus even more critical; and we think that the necessity of a true federal Europe is more urgent than ever. 

The nationalist atavism that has afflicted  the electoral development of many of the member states through the surge of far-right parties, following a widespread -decline of the European social model, is threatening not only the EU, but century-old democratic achievements and the rule of law across the continent.

This is a failure of the current arrangements – an EU “democratic deficit” allowed to run amok, the lack of an independent European voice in international affairs, the inability to aggressively and effectively confront the successive crises that have hit the world and Europe in particular etc. 

But it is also a symptom of a declining European polity, that has become more unequal, older, more parochial and angrier, resurrecting the ghosts of a most evil past.

Together for Europe believes that  the principles of the declaration of Rome are still relevant today.  We will strive to inject the electoral conversation with the proposal for a truly democratic, constitutional order, aiming to point out that in a world of super-power collisions, re-emergence of the nuclear threat, climate destabilization and a fractured globalized economic order the only true sovereignty -indeed the most democratic choice- is to be found in federalism. 

Sovereignist discourses want to dismantle the EU, so as to return to a nation state that will, in today’s world, be even more dependent and subaltern to great and regional power politics than it is now – and with even less say-so on their own choices. 

A new federal Europe will in fact, allow a range of sovereign decisions in each of the member states that can exist neither today, nor in the dismantled EU that the “sovereignist” far-right imagines.

So we are now calling you again to defend the idea of a Federal Europe, in a movement that will strive to unite a broad range of democratic parties and initiatives, under the constitutional banner of federalism. 

These upcoming European elections will be a critical test in a historical journey. 

Join us in our quest for a federal, democratic Europe.

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