Why I am doing this

So, why am I doing this? Why am I trying to ignite a pan-European peoples movement for the European Federal Union?

As tragically proven by the effects of coronavirus pandemic in Europe, the European Federal Union is nothing but an immediate necessity and it’s only up to the peoples of Europe to make it happen.

I know it might sound naive, romantic or even foolish. That’s fine, no hard feelings. I’ve faced this reaction several times in my startup journey.

Each and every one of us – every European – has to basically answer a simple question: Will a European Federal Union make our lives better or worse?

I believe it’s gonna make our lives better.

Who can make this happen? Who can move the federal integration agenda forward?

Apparently, on the one hand the EU institutions don’t have such an authority, and on the other hand member state governments consider federalism a suicidal development, an existential threat to them.

It has become crystal-clear that neither the EU institutions nor the Member States’ Government will ever move forward with true federal integration. They will never do it.

It’s then up to us, the peoples of Europe – and only up to us – to demand and achieve the creation of our federal union. When should we try? Well, I’m absolutely convinced that now is the perfect timing to launch a pan-European movement for the European Federal Union. This is why the Movimento Insieme has come to life.

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2 thoughts on “Why I am doing this

  1. A solid base (set of principles) is needed. That all people have basic rights.( Equality; Liberty; Freedom) There should be no systems of caste, royalty, or other constraints to
    corrupt the basic rights. (and institutions to maintain and control)

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